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We finished our pumpkins before Halloween! Last year we purchased them just hours before sundown and colored them as we were heading out the door. This year D was so excited to get a pumpkin. He wanted to paint it red. He wants everything red. Then it morphed as my husband and I painted ours with different colors. It became an art piece and represents the beautiful person he is. Last year we participated in the teal pumpkin project. FARE (food allergy research and education) started a project called the teal pumpkin project. This has opened the door… punn intended…for kids with food allergies to participate in Halloween trick or treating. Last year we only handed out toys and will do the same this year. My son and I have food allergies and sensitivities. We also have family and friends with Celiac and life threatening nut allergies. My son is so excited about Halloween and I can’t wait to see how many people have come together in support. Also, please keep the toys separate from the candy. Some children have severe allergies and can not come in contact with their allergen. Participate safely and most of all everyone can have fun.


We painted our pumpkins instead of carving… No pumpkin mess, rot, fires or rashes!

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